Daikon team members

It all started with a dream.

Back in 2014, Mindy dreamt that she was scraping the bones of a fish. The fish started crying, looking deeply into Mindy’s eyes. Mindy woke up from the dream. She felt empathy and immediately became vegetarian . . . despite having run 3 non-vegan restaurants.

She put her 20+ years of culinary experience to hard work, crafting delicious vegan meals and experimenting with new ideas. The vision was to make compassionate food that sacrificed none of the flavor.

6 years later . . . Daikon was born. To this day we still share the same vision:

to create kind, tasty food
to nurture awesome experiences

Thank you for helping us dream and build a better world, one with happier fishes and tastier dishes.

Sushi Sans Fish Makes Daikon A Must Visit in Las Vegas

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It’s easy to dismiss strip malls as overcrowded retail of little quality. But you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you did such to one on Lake Mead Blvd in Las Vegas, NV...

— Charles Karel Bouley II

Very Veggie Partners: The Quest for Creativity Blossoms at Daikon Vegan Sushi

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'Vegetarian food is no longer a niche, but a lifestyle chosen by more and more people. In our daily life, the inconvenience or restrictions for practicing vegetarianism is also minimizing.' - Mindy Lin

— Sophie X. Song